One to One

In an effort to address the evolving needs of students in today's classrooms, many districts in AEA 267 have made the move to a 1:1 environment by increasing student access to technology.  Implementing a successful 1:1 environment entails more than just providing devices and equipment.  It also involves the creation of a shared vision that involves multiple stakeholders, the development of a plan for ongoing professional development as well as a plan for implementation that supports student learning.


The Iowa Area Education Agencies provides an Implementation Timeline for districts when planning and evaluating their 1:1 programs.  This timeline includes questions, insights and resources guided by each of the necessary factors for a successful 1:1 environment.  


The interactive map of 1:1 schools in Iowa may help provide some insight into the programs other districts have implemented.  The map provides implementation details as well as contacts in the district who can provide more information.

If your district would like more assistance planning or evaluating your 1:1 environment please contact Jerry Schnabel.