The Iowa Department of Education, in conjunction with Iowa’s Area Education Agencies has general supervision responsibilities and is required to monitor Local Education Agencies/Districts in Iowa  (U.S.C. 300.600). The compliance monitoring process has several components including:

  1. An IEP report and file review to determine whether or not a district is meeting procedural compliance requirements based upon IDEA 2004.
  2. An onsite visit  after the IEP record and file review to review implementation of the IEP and special education practices.
  3. Two-Prong Verification of Correction must occur within one year of Notification of NonCompliance. Prong One occurs when districts correct and AEA’s verify correction of individual IEP’s. Prong Two occurs when the SEA finds correction of practice when reviewing subsequent IEP’s for the district.

A District Compliance Report of procedural noncompliance findings is developed following the file review process. The report provides an item analysis of responses  organized in five cluster areas;

  1. Participation in the IEP process
  2. Appropriate Services in the Least Restrictive Environment
  3. System Supports
  4. Student Results
  5. Post Secondary Transition

The district must complete all activities to address all noncompliance items no later that one year (365 days) from the Date of Notification(Release of Compliance).