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AEA267 offers multiple training opportunities for paraeducators who are currently employed as a practicing paraeducator. For more specific information, please click on the tabs on the left of this page.   


Paraeducator Certification Course #15428 (formerly known as Generalist)

Paraeducators just starting their journey of continuing education will need to take the Paraeducator Certification Course. This 90-hour course begins with a face-to-face orientation session and then allows paraeducators to work independently through an online course via Moodle. The 2017-18 course dates are:

                                                  September 2017 Dates                                         January 2018 Dates

        Cedar Falls AEA:             9/13/17    4:30-7:30 PM                        1/9/17    4:30-7:30 PM    SNOW DATE 1/16/17   

        Clear Lake AEA:              9/11/17    4:30-7:30 PM                        1/8/17    4:30-7:30 PM    SNOW DATE 1/15/17

        Marshalltown AEA:        9/14/17    4:30-7:30 PM                        1/10/17    4:30-7:30 PM   SNOW DATE 1/17/17

For more information, click here.


Early Childhood Area of Concentration

Paraeducators who currently hold a valid certificate and work in an early childhood classroom may be interested in obtaining the Early Childhood Certification. The early childhood area of concentration requires 3 face-to-face courses. For more information, click here.


Special Education Area of Concentration

NEW to AEA267, we now offer the level 2 area of concentration in special needs. The area of concentration consists of a 2-day workshop, a self-guided study, and the substitute authorization course. For more information, click here.


Paraeducators Needing to Renew their Certification

For information on how to renew your paraeducator certificate, click here.