Revised Iowa Early Learning Standards

The Iowa Early Learning Standards have been revised by representative group of early childhood stakeholders. The revisions include an updated early childhood research base, the addition of social studies and dual language learners, plus alignment to Iowa Core Standards for kindergarten. Legislative Taskforce recommended that the online Gold Assessment from Early Education Teaching Strategies. For more information contact

Essential Elements of the Iowa Core for Students with Significant Disabilities

The adoption of the Common Core State Standards requires Iowa to develop  Iowa Alternate Assessment aligned to the Iowa Core. In this effort, Iowa joined Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), a 14-state member consortium. The DLM assessment consortium is guided by the core belief that all students should have access to challenging grade-level content, which is reflected in the Common Core Essential Elements. The Essential Elements are specific statements of the content and skills that are linked to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) grade level specific expectations for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

The DLM assessment system is designed to map a student’s learning throughout the year. The system will use items and tasks that are embedded in day-to-day instruction. In this way, testing happens as part of instruction, which both informs teaching and benefits students. An end-of-year assessment will be created for states that want to include a summative test in addition to the instructionally embedded system. The DLM assessment will be operational 2014-15. For more information, contact