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Struggling to write everyday?

Research points to the importance of students writing everyday.  Yet, it is hard to find the time within the school day for students to write everyday.  It is even harder to manage all the “stuff” that goes along with having students write everyday.  I recently came across a website called 750 words. The basic premise […]

Nashua-Plainfield Middle School

Think about the content that we worked with today… 1. What are you most comfortable with? Share you understandings regarding this content. 2. What are you most confused about?  Describe what you are confused about. 3. What support do you need to be successful in implementing something that you learned from today?

ICC- Literacy Comparing Exit Slips and RAFTs

For our November ICC- Literacy session, we are asking participants review statements regarding Exit Slips and RAFTs.  Some of the statements are true and some are false.  After some conversations with others at your table, please choose one statement and defend your answer.  Include evidence or examples to support your point of view.  In the […]

Beyond an online dictionary

Today I was in a school district sharing some web based alternatives to book reports, research reports, paper books, etc..  As I was doing so, a couple of teachers asked some questions about my delicious bookmarks.  As we were exploring them I came across a website that I had bookmarked a while ago and had […]

Does Practice Make Perfect?

Experts in literacy stress to teachers and students strategies that good readers utilize while reading. They include making predictions, using context clues, rereading, monitoring comprehension, etc.. Therefore it makes sense to have students practices those strategies while they are reading many times with different types of texts. The book that I am reading, Why Don’t […]