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Google Docs – New Look!

Google Docs (as well as other Google products) are receiving a new look. If you are still using the classic look (and like the classic look), you can stick with it for awhile, but eventually, you won’t have the option to keep it in the classic look. The details of these changes is found at […]

Google Calendar and Syncing

Google Calendar and Syncing Please do not sync your Exchange calendar with Google calendars at this time due to issues that syncing may create on an employee’s computer, and/or on our Exchange server. As you are aware, one of the tools that we use at AEA267 is teams. We have Literacy teams, Science teams, PBIS […]

Upcoming Google Workshops

Summer time is for swimming, camping, baseball games AND Google Workshops!  Our Google trainers, Clair Judas, Brian Unruh and Kay Schmalen are offering a number of workshops this summer (and into September).  To sign up for one of the workshops, go to our AEA267 Professional Development catalogue and search for Google.  Look for additional offerings […]

Google Tip-Changing the Color of Collections

Today’s post focuses on the same theme as the first post on how to help you organize your files within GoogleDocs. Google has incorporated the ability to make new collections (or tags). You can “put” a file in multiple collections. I find this especially helpful when I have a file that can go in many […]

Student-Centered Classrooms

One of the attributes of  student-centered classrooms is The Construction of Learning…specifically when learners “rethink and reshape prior ideas”.  Those adult learners that I work with bring a wide variety of ideas and experiences (just as their students do).  My job is to honor their experiences, knowledge and skills by providing opportunities to make connections […]