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Category Archives: Technology

What is a KB? (Not a KGB)

It can be confusing when referring to how much data a device can hold.  Bytes are’t something that you can “physically” see or measure, unlike a cup, an inch, a yard or a pound.  Technology also changes quickly and what was good now a year later is not so good.  Here’s a rough run down […]

Text Message Abbreviations

Do you get text message from others that look like they are in another language? Here are some common abbreviations that can help you decipher what they were trying to say. 18r — Later rofl — Rolling On Floor Laughing lol —  Laugh Out Loud omg — Oh My Goodness/Oh My God btw — By […]

Google Tip- #1 Adding a Description

I was afforded the incredible opportunity to become a Google certified trainer for AEA267. I have always been a fan of Google, especially GoogleDocs and I owe a huge bit of thanks to my literacy colleagues who 3-4 years ago took a risk and started using GoogleDocs for a variety of purposes within our team.  In our […]

Web 2.0 Learnings

I have been using Web 2.0 tools for awhile, but just like anything else, I never really stop learning about how to use them.  The biggest change in how I am currently using them and how I had been using them, is that I have been more thoughtful in regard to the participant’s access to […]

Technology Glizt and Glam

When does technology for technology sake become more important than the technology tools that actually makes a difference in how well a student achieves the academic goals set forth by the “lesson”?  I am just a guilty as the next person, it is easy to get oooo’ed and ahh’ed over technology, but unless it makes […]