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Category Archives: Professional Development

Web 2.0 Learnings

I have been using Web 2.0 tools for awhile, but just like anything else, I never really stop learning about how to use them.  The biggest change in how I am currently using them and how I had been using them, is that I have been more thoughtful in regard to the participant’s access to […]

Student-Centered Classrooms

One of the attributes of  student-centered classrooms is The Construction of Learning…specifically when learners “rethink and reshape prior ideas”.  Those adult learners that I work with bring a wide variety of ideas and experiences (just as their students do).  My job is to honor their experiences, knowledge and skills by providing opportunities to make connections […]

Here’s to a new internal discourse…

I have been reading a lot lately about reading/writing strategies.  Teachers I speak with sometimes will ask, “What are the one or two strategies that I should be using in my classroom to help my students be successful in comprehending text?”  Over the years, I have struggled with a response, because there are so many […]