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Uploading to Google Docs

Google Drive lets you store up to 5 GB of files in your Google Drive account.  Frequently, we have something on our computer that we want to edit as a Google document so the file will need to be uploaded to Google Drive.

Recently, Google changed their upload settings, so even if you modified your settings in the past, check the settings to make sure they are set as recommended at the end of this post.

To clarify, Google Drive allows you to upload documents with the following options:

You can upload…

  1. a Word, Excel or PPT to Google Drive so that when you upload it you can edit it as a Google Doc. You can edit it in the browser. This is the most common type of upload.
  2. a Word, Excel or PPT to Google Drive so that when you upload it, it does NOT change. It is simply a file that is stored in your Google Drive. If you want to change it, you will need to download it and open it in whatever application it was created in.
  3.  a PDF to Google Drive, so that when you upload it, Google takes a “picture of each page” and converts the page best it can to text so that you can edit it.
  4. a PDF to Google Drive, so that when you upload it, it goes NOT change.  You are storing that PDF in your Google Drive and you cannot edit it, but you can share it with others (they can’t edit it either).
  5. Any other type of file (images, Keynote, etc), but there is not a way to edit as a Google Doc.

You can tell the difference between files that Google Docs and files that are Word, PPT, or Excel by looking at the icons next to the file name.  Google Drive documents (editable in Google Drive) have the following icons:

Google Doc      Google Spreadsheet    Google Presentation- 

Lastly, check your upload settings.  To get to your upload settings, open your Google Drive, click on the gear or wheel in the upper right hand corner, then click on upload settings, please set your settings to match these in the image below.

Check out the AEA 267 Google Apps Website for additional resources. You’ll also find a list of upcoming workshops that are available in each of the AEA 267 offices.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the AEA 267 Google trainers:

Kay Schmalen (kschmalen@aea267.k12.ia,us)

Clair Judas (

Jon Kruse (

Dave Schaefer (

Brian Unruh (

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