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Cutting the Fat

As we begin a new year, we all have things in our Google Docs that we don’t need anymore.  So, the question becomes, how do I get rid of those extra Google Docs that are cluttering up my Google Docs account?


You can easily remove the document from your Google Document list by clicking the checkbox  next to the document and clicking on the “trash” icon.  


**Just of word of caution, if you own the document and the document was shared with multiple people, those people will not longer have access to the document.  You will receive a notification at the top of your Google Docs indicating that they will no longer have access.

Stay tuned next week for tips on how to Search your Google Docs so that you can find your documents more quickly and easily!  In the meantime, check out our AEA 267 Google Apps Website for tips and tricks.  You’ll also find a list of upcoming workshops that are available in each of the AEA 267 offices.

If you have any quesitons, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the AEA 267 Google trainers:

Kay Schmalen (kschmalen@aea267.k12.ia,us)

Clair Judas (

Jon Kruse (

Dave Schaefer (

Brian Unruh (

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