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Text Message Abbreviations

Do you get text message from others that look like they are in another language? Here are some common abbreviations that can help you decipher what they were trying to say.

18r — Later
rofl — Rolling On Floor Laughing
lol —  Laugh Out Loud
omg — Oh My Goodness/Oh My God
btw — By The Way
thx — Thanks
brb — Be Right Back
<3 — Symbolizes a heart/love
ttyl — Talk To You Later
((hug)) —  Symbolizes a hug
pir — Parent In Room
tiw– Teacher is Watching
idk- I don’t know
dk- don’t know
ik- I know
brb- be right back

And….as a reminder, WRITING IN ALL CAPITALS — Symbolizes yelling- so unless you have a teenager, you probably won’t use the capital thing very often!

This is not a complete list and one can definitely come up with their own texting language.  Leave a comment if you think of others that you have run across or your family uses.

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