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Finding your Files in Google Docs

Hello everyone,

Today’s entry was written by fellow AEA 267 Google trainer, Clair Judas (  He offers some helpful tips on how to use the search operator is:hidden. Enjoy and happy Googling!

Finding Hidden FilesThe Scenario: You’ve been collecting lots of documents, the ‘Home’ directory has become cluttered so you have hidden some of your documents to clean things up. But… now you need some of those and searching through the ‘All Items’ directory can be tedious. There is an easy way to show just the ‘Hidden’ files!• Click on the ‘All items’ directory to show all of your files…• In the search field, type “is:hidden” without the quotes, then press ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’.• All of your hidden files will be listed.

• Open the file you want to use.

• If you want to change some of those files so they show in Home again…

• When you are done, Clear the search by clicking on “Clear search” above the list of found files…

• All of your files will now show in the Google documents list.

• And… when you click on the Home directory, you will be able to see all of your files (with the exception of any you left ‘hidden’).

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