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Google Tip for the day- Collections

Today’s Google tip deals with how to organize all those documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings that you have been sharing with others and others have been sharing with you.  If you have been using Google docs, you’ll find that the list grows exponentially and can be a little chaotic if you don’t have a system in place to keep things organized.

I like to use collections to help me organize my files in Google Docs.  Just like the file folders on your computer, you can create collections in Google Docs.  One major difference is that instead of finding a file in only one place or collection you can “tag” or file with multiple names from your collections.  It is easy to create a new collection by just going to the create button on the left hand side and clicking on create and then collection.  From there you can name your collection whatever you would like (up to 122 characters) you can even add a smiling face on it with a 🙂

Here are some tips when using Collections

1.  Keep your naming convention simple yet accurate. E.g. AEA 267 Tech Quad is more specific than AEA 267 Technology

2.  When making a new collection make sure that you home button is selected.  If you have another collection selected when you go to make a new collection, the new collection becomes a child of the collection you have selected.

3. Color code your collections. You can color code your collections by clicking on the arrow next to the collection and clicking on change color.

4. You can find out what you have tagged a file with by marking the checkbox next to the file and then clicking on the “eye” icon.  A new “window” will pop up on the right and you can scroll down this window for info about this file, such as who it is shared with, a description and when it was last opened and when it was last modified.  You can also see on this window that in this example it is tagged with two collections, AEA 267 Google Apps and Google Trainers.


5.  You can share collections just like you would files.  When you put a file in the collection, it takes on the sharing and visibility properties of that collection.   You can see if a collection is shared by the type of icon.  A collection that is shared will have an outline of a person within the icon, like this.


Once you have put a file into a collection it would helpful to  not show it in your home list.  To do this, mark a check mark in the box next to the file or files that you have already tagged and are ready to say “Don’t show in home”.  Then click on the more button and scroll down to Don’t Show in Home


Happy Googling!








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