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Google Calendar and Syncing

Google Calendar and Syncing

Please do not sync your Exchange calendar with Google calendars at this time due to issues that syncing may create on an employee’s computer, and/or on our Exchange server.

As you are aware, one of the tools that we use at AEA267 is teams. We have Literacy teams, Science teams, PBIS teams, Autism teams and sector teams. There are many tools that can help these groups share and communicate important dates.  With the roll out of Google Apps at the AEA267, Google Calendar is one of those tools.

While there are tools on the web that can sync your Google calendar with your AEA 267 calendar on the Exchange server, they currently are not recommended nor supported by our technology department. We are currently exploring how we can use such a tool and if we are able to provide a recommendation regarding their use that we are confident in, we will share that information at that point in time.

You can continue to use Google calendar to share and communicate dates with others within the agency as well as outside the agency. For example, Sector 2 has a calendar that is shared with AEA267 employees who are part of sector 2. This calendar lists large group sector meetings as well as those meetings with others in sector 2. We would encourage your to utilize Google calendar in this way, as it is an effective and efficient way to communicate dates with a variety of teams.

Happy Googling!

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