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Transitioning your Data

Transitioning your data from your personal Google account to your AEA267 GoogleApps account is one of the most common issues that users at AEA267 (and other places) are dealing with.  The majority of items are found within a person’s GoogleDocs.  The basic steps involved in moving these items between accounts include:

1. Trash any documents that are truly junk, e.g. you created them as a test document.

2.  Select those items that you solely own and you haven’t shared with anyone else and download to your desktop to upload to your new GoogleApps account.

3.  Select those items that you own and have shared with others.  Decide if you want to export them, upload them and reshare them….or if you want to add your GoogleApps account as a collaborator on this document.  You cannot transfer ownership to your new GoogleApps account.  They must be a part of the same domain.  e.g. they both must be

4.  Select those items that have been shared with you.  Add your AEA267 GoogleApps account and then remove your personal account from this document.

Check out this series of videos that deal with each of these four steps.

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