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Technology Glizt and Glam

When does technology for technology sake become more important than the technology tools that actually makes a difference in how well a student achieves the academic goals set forth by the “lesson”?  I am just a guilty as the next person, it is easy to get oooo’ed and ahh’ed over technology, but unless it makes a connection to academic learning, it just that, oooo’s and ahhh’s.

I am encouraging educators to incorporate this “filter”:

1.  How can this technology tool enhance instruction?

2.  How can learning this tool help my students achieve the academic goals?

3.  How do can educators take advantage of the tools already in students hands so that students know how to use them appropriately for learning. (I read an article recently that students in college who use Facebook are more likely to have poor grades.  A perfect learning opportunity to educate students on how such a tool can help them learn.)

Students have a lot of knowledge on how to use tools, such as iPods and Facebook, teachers need to take a step back from being the “giver” of the knowledge and instead be facilitators of knowledge.  Teach students how to use all the knowledge that is at their finger tips in ways that will benefit them academically.

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